(Cotton On jacket, Top Shop shorts, James Perse tee, Nike sneakers, Glassons belt)

As a Blogger there is always the pressure to do posts with new fresh outfits and even though I LOVE shopping, this lifestyle can become difficult and expensive. Over a period of time I have come to realize there are certain pieces that I can rely on, can pop up time and time on my blog/Instagram without thinking ‘oh that piece again!’, and work as bridging pieces to all other ‘new’ items in my wardrobe. Whats also brilliant is these items look fabulous together.

My Blogger Uniform Essentials

The white tee – Probably the most used item in my wardrobe. Always looks fresh and easy. I prefer mine to have a deep v cut and a little loose so I can tuck into skirts, shorts or jeans. My favourite version is from James Perse that I bought 5 years ago and I still wear on repeat to this day.

Denim Shorts –  Okay, I literally own dozens of these daisy dukes. Over the years I’ve built up quite a collection because of their ease and durability. And to be honest they get better with age. My ultimate most used pair is from One Teaspoon. I love the fit & the beautiful wash & it looks incredible with anything polished or structured. Also looks just as fab with a tee. An absolute necessity for your wardrobe.

Denim Jacket – I live in Melbourne so the weather at times, even in summer, can be cool. Its always appropriate to have a lightweight jacket with you and a denim jacket is a staple. I have about five different versions but I think this over sized one I recently spotted at Cotton On (for less than $50) is simply the easiest to style with everything. It’s so classic and the mid-wash allows you to combine it with all other denims. I love how I could wear it with any item of my wardrobe in so many ways. My favourite is just draped over the shoulders but you could also tie it round your waist for a street style look.

Sneakers – If you asked me five years ago if I would wear sneakers out I would have replied not a chance. The evolution of sneakers these days, particularly in the blogging world has been so strong that it has made all us mid-height girls swallow our pride and accept quite simply comfort over towering model height heels. This has been quite liberating for me as I have worn heels for as long as I can remember but truth be known I do now love the sneaker, in fact now I can’t live without them. My absolute favourite style is the Nike Roshe Run for its clean and simple design. It looks fabulous with anything and I love contrasting it with dressy items, not just casuals.

Shop the look and similar versions below: