Lately I have been experimenting with new treatments to help my skin have that radiant glow. Whether you are pregnant or not, this treatment is the answer to your prayers.


Well here I am, barefaced and pregnant. After finding out I was pregnant I had to do a complete skin product overhaul!!!!! Yes, I had to give up my beloved vitamin A night cream and stock up on new products that wouldn’t effect the bub. I also had to give up on my weekly peels. I was a little sad to say the least, as they kept my skin looking pore-free, plump and fresh. The new beginnings in my life, as blessed as I may be, also meant sacrifice. To be able to tackle this safely meant research, research, research and finally a found a solution to what will keep my skin looking flawless while I am pregnant.


Due to the fact that I couldn’t have peels during this period, I spoke to my girls at the Reverse Skincare Clinic and they suggested I try a DMK enyzme therapy treatment. Its a combination of botanical science with innovative technology designed to make your skin function optimally. I was a little hesitant at first. A treatment mask to me usually makes my skin look great for a short period, but it doesn’t regenerate the skin or go into the deep layers as a peel would. I was completely incorrect. This enzyme treatment was a shock to say the least. I went into this facial thinking it would be nice and gentle and over in 15 mins, but actually once it was applied it was anything but gentle. Not to scare you, but I like the feeling of something doing something to the skin. Basically, it penetrated my skin to the point that I felt like I was turning into bark of a 100 year old tree. Weird, but that’s exactly how I felt. The 15 min session was actually a much longer 40 min session. What distracted me from the time was the wonderful hand massage I received in between.


Here is the final result. It basically cleaned out my system and as you can see brought out my capillaries. Apparently, this is a good result for the optimum effect.

So what is it exactly do these enzyme do? These bad boys hydrolyze dead skin cells, increase oxygenation & cellular activity, encourage new collagen & elastin formation & detoxify the skin (as above).

My skin felt tight and fresh after it was wiped clean.  The real results however would appear in five days time. In between I was told to expect some peeling & I was thrilled!!!!! This treatment is just like a peel but more & I love how it is completely safe to do while being pregnant.



Check the capillaries.

The next day after my skin felt renewed. I did notice some blotchy redness but it was nothing that my good old concealer couldn’t cover. On the third day, just as I was told, the peeling started. It was only slight and mainly under my chin and a gentle exfoliation helped with this. Then walah, the fifth day. My skin was even toned, clear and plump. Makeup just went on so easily and I seemed to have a glow. I always know when I look good when my Husband comments. ‘You look good today, what did you do?’ or ‘you’re skin looks so clear and soft”. He had no idea of the treatment I experienced, bless him. But, I love the compliments! This is a treatment NO DOUBT I will be continuing throughout my pregnancy and even after I have the baby. These results are just as brilliant as peels & in some ways more effective. So ladies, please experience it for yourself (pregnant or not pregnant). My skin keeps improving day by day. LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I hope you have enjoyed my very first beauty post to the blog.

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