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And so we are officially married!

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Was such an interesting atmosphere passing other weddings on our way out. I was glad I hired the 4th North level for our ceremony for privacy reasons.

About to embark on an extensive photo shoot capturing this beautiful city with our brilliant photographer Josef from IQPhoto.

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Before we leave though we had to get that ‘just married’ shot.


Interesting to know that Marilyn Monroe and Jo DiMaggio also married here in 1954. They exited through the back entrance of City Hall to escape reporters.

0407_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-406)

Goodbye City Hall.

0414_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-413)


Josef took us on a scenic drive for out shoot with our first stop being the Golden Gate. Unfortunately we didn’t spend much time here as the winds were fiercely gale force (& I was turning blue). Somehow Josef made it look effortless. So glad with the result.

0425_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-424)

0432_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-431)

0445_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-444)

Our next stop was the highest hill in San Francisco with the most stunning views. Was just as breathtaking as City Hall. There was something so special about being so elevated against such a beautifully designed city. These would have to be my favorite shots.

0524_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-523)

0530_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-529)

0528_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-527)

0565_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-564)

Ending our day on a relaxed vibe. It was a two hour photo shoot and well worth every cent. I was blown away when I received the final edit from IQphoto. They went above and beyond what I expected and more.

0574_Carmel  Paul-(ZF-1807-99500-1-573)

(Monique Lhuillier Scarlet Dress, Jimmy Choo Shoes, Emily Anne’s Collection Bracelet & Earrings, The Flower Girl Bouquet, Meaganne McCandess Make-up, AlexanderG Hair)

This now wraps up everything left of our wedding. It was the happiest day of my life and everything went perfectly. I didn’t have a traditional wedding, but I think that’s what made it more exciting and memorable.

I”m so happy to share our journey with you and hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

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(Wedding photography by IQPhoto, Venue City Hall)