(Yeojin Bae dress, Saint Laurent pumps)

This is one of those dresses I had to have. I initially spotted this Yeojin Bae Dasha dress on Instagram worn by various bloggers & I took a high level of interest right away. It just ticked all the right boxes ..it was red, it was sexy, it was timeless, it was well made, it was off the shoulder, need I go on. I wanted it for so many reasons but on hunting for this piece of mastery I was only to find out that it was made seasons earlier and sold out nationally! I was heartbroken.

And then, the strangest thing happened. Yeojin Bae decided to do a re-cut limited edition of this dress. The heavens were finally on my side! I was onto it, excited, envisaging the next wedding I could wear it too but then strike two occurred. As I was about to pay for the damn thing it had already sold out. I didn’t realize that there were thousands of others like myself that wanted this dress just as much! What a disaster! My heart was broken yet again.

In a final attempt my last resort was to call Yeojin Bae themselves to see if there were any returns. I knew the chances were slim, but I had to try. I was placed in a queue as once again there were others requesting this dress, but I was the first one wanting the size 0 so if it was returned it would be mine. It would be a two week wait before there would be any response, if any at all. It was a living in hope situation. Kind of hopeless really.

In the meantime I did some research on ‘hiring’ this dress. If I couldn’t own it then hiring it felt like the next best thing. I looked into various places to hire locally but what I found was that the small amount of places that had this dress seemed to have it only in a size 1. As I was a size 0, I became quite distressed. Why was my size so hard to get? It was a really awful predicament to be in. I was so angry and I couldn’t have wanted this dress anymore at this stage.

And then, that blessed phone call from Yeojin Bae was received. There was a lady who could not fit into the dress. Checkmate. The rest is history.

Yes! New Years Eve dress sorted. Shop similar looks below: