Being pregnant does not limit you on the options of dresses you can find, as there are a lot out there, you just need to choose the right shape.







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Dress : ASOS (hurry, on sale)



So if you are reading this post right now you either are pregnant or not pregnant but really like this dress.

If you are pregnant, congratulations! So am I! I’m here to let you know that there are options out there to style the bump through each trimester and I promise to take you through by sharing my fashionista pregbot journey successes. It has been a little bit of trial and error but I’m certainly finding my way.

After reading many forums and following my favorite mommy bloggers, Asos has been highly regarded for its maternity wear. So naturally I stalked the site and although I found some awesome items in the maternity section (which deserves another post) I also found some beautiful dresses in the normal, non pregnant section. So really, its a double whammy of options.

I found this beautiful floral dress which in my opinion is totally ‘baby shower’ worthy. I’m not sure if it is the frills, the criss cross detail or the floral print but it is just so feminine and chic, a real standout dress. The reason why I picked it is not just because it’s a maxi but because it has a loose middle that can cater for my growing bump. So, whatever stage you are in in your pregnancy, this dress will fit you. Here, I am 21 weeks pregnant and it flatters my bump nicely, some prob would not even know that I’m preggers. I actually purchased this size in my pre-bump size of xs and it fit perfectly. I’ve tried the dress on since now I’m 25 weeks and heaps bigger and it still looks great on. So the trick is to pick a maxi to balance your silhouette with a forgiving waist that allows bump growth.

I hope this helps! Here are some more pregbot options I found in Asos you can try: