As a new mum, I often get asked that number one most asked question by other mums: “do you breastfeed or use formula?”

When Sako was born I immediately knew I was going to have problems breastfeeding. Initially my plan was to breastfeed but as soon as she came into this world she just couldn’t seem to latch on. Unfortunately with all my efforts, seeking the help of numerous lactating consultants and midwives, nothing progressed. It just got increasingly hard, I felt depressed and thought that I was failing my child. Expressing seemed the most natural way to nourish my child. After 12 weeks and much careful consideration, I made the decision to stop giving her breast milk. I started trialling different types of formula.


The early signs were daunting. Sako seemed to get an upset tummy from every brand we were trying. It was a case of trial and error, but the tummy pain was unbearably real with all of them. I was starting to feel anxious and frustrated about the whole experience and questioned if anything would ever work for my daughter.

I’m lucky to have a lot of friends that are already mums. I turned to one of my them for advice. This friend, who also had issues with breastfeeding, had owned various childcare centres, so had a wealth of information behind her. Her advice to me was to try goats milk as this had the closest nutritional profile to breast milk and was much gentler on the stomach than dairy. I remember her saying this to me with so much conviction. After so many fails, I naturally took her advice. It was also my last resort.

The result was truly miraculous. The first time we gave Sako goats milk we noticed an immediate difference. The first thing I noticed was that she had no reflux issues, as she had previously, and guzzled it down no worries. Secondly I noticed that she started to sleep all the night through. That was absolute heaven for a tired mama! Prior to this she would wake at random times through the night. Finally I noticed that she just seemed happier. My husband and I kept commenting on how we had a changed child.



Since making the transition we have never looked back and we couldn’t be happier. We’ve been using Bubs goats milk till this current time. Thankfully it is available at our local Coles which is so handy and convenient for us.


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* This is a sponsored post for Bubs Goats Toddler Milk. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.