Very excited to introduce my new Blog layout as well as this regular new outfit category to DrawDressDream, Health and Fitness. I work out regularly (every day) so it made sense to include my daily style choices that I wear to the gym & yoga.






Fitness wear is just as important as my everyday wardrobe. It needs to be functional & too look pretty while also enduring heat & sweat (not so pretty). Over the years I have collected so many active wear items, so much so that I had to convert my linen closet to a gym wear closet. My husband naturally thought I was insane! But it was totally necessary.

Over the years Lululemon would have to be my no.1 go to brand for fitness wear. I have accumulated hoodies, tanks and tights from years ago that I still wear to the present day. The fabric quite simply washes really well! This is so important because all my items are still in good nick. They have not lost any colour or shape either. So tick, tick, tick.

All the designs are so flattering and functional. I am forever rotating the tanks and tights.  My favorite tights being the aline which makes my leg shape to appear more sleek. I also love the super comfy waistband that can be worn high or rolled low and absolutely creates now bulge. The crop tops are sublime with that extra padding to give you that extra lift. I’m forever being complimented on the design. All of these items seem to handle my sweat really well without making me look I’ve come out of the pool. So naturally, I have gone for these styles over and over.

The hoodies and zip-ups are simply the best. I already own three scuba hoodies so for my latest purchase I went for a gray high neck zip up. Its so warm, looks fabulous and once again washes really well.










Lululemon sports bra, pant, crop & jacket, nike sneakers, Stella Adidas backpack